Monday, July 5, 2010

White Guard

White Guard:
HQ: St Petersburg, Russia.
Function: Demonic defense organization.
Founding: Michael. 663 BC, Thebes, Egypt.
Symbol: A bronze kite shield with white bird wings, emblazoned with a rising sun, and a sword crossed with a staff.

Founded long ago in Egypt by, allegedly, Archangel Michael.  He called humans and parahumans from all around the Mediterranean, among them were thieves, beggars, soldiers, commoners, and murderers.  Of all he called, only five backed down; Tamar, Abuchar, Scyles, Necho, and Eshur-Appuru.  Tamar, Scyles, and Necho relented and joined sometime later, Abuchar left and was never heard from again, while Eshur joined the League of Bronze Knives and is the current leader.  The White Guard has been protecting the Earth and the human race since it's founding, especially from the League.  The White Guard does not have a central leader, instead all the members hold a yearly council at St. Petersburg.  After the Muslims conquered Egypt, the Guard moved to Constantinople, but after that was taken by the Ottomans, they moved to Moscow.  When St. Petersburg was founded, a problem arose in the new city, so the White Guard went and solved the problem, but the Guard decided to stay in the city, making St. Petersburg, to this day, the world headquarters of the White Guard.  The currently known members of White Guard are Quicksilver, Kamash, Octavian, Tamar, Scyles, and Necho.

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