Monday, July 5, 2010

Night Shift

Night Shift:
HQ: Night House, Boston
Function: Paranormal investigation organization
Founding: Lance DeMoi, Napoleon, and Alexander Sherman 1885, Newark, NJ
Symbol: A hand holding a staff in a circle, with a crescent moon above the hand

After purchasing the Louisiana Purchase and the Montpellier Cache, the US government searched for intelligent men to study the artifacts purchased from France, including how to wake the idle Napoleon Jr.  Prof. Alexandre Sherman, a contemporary of Brown's, was selected along with a small, elite group of scientists, including Brown and Kelvin Perry.  They went to DC and were given the most state-of-the-art laboratory and nearly unlimited government funding.  The scientists worked for the better part of three years, making slow but steady progress.  During a lightning storm, Sherman channeled a bolt into Napoleon; awakening the comatose automation.  The strange automaton, after awaking, pledged to follow Alexandre wherever he went.  The so called "Congregation of Extraordinary Science" continued to successfully examine the artifacts bought from France.  In 1869, Lance DeMoi, the son of a businessman from Maine, offered to work as an explorer when the Congregation went to Yucatan.  While on a dig in Palenque on 1871, Lance stumbled upon an Aryan Crystal; after touching it, the crystal exploded pumping energy into Lance, and a shard flew into his right eye.  Lance DeMoi became the first superhuman on record in the United States.  Lance, Sherman, and Napoleon all decided to leave the Congregation and work freelance.  The group they founded, the Night Bureau, in 1885, found Chester at the bottom of Chesapeake Bay, the Dweller was the fourth member.  Thus, the first generation of the Night Shift was made.  After Alexandre's death in WWI, the Bureau was disbanded and only reformed thirty years later.  The generations passed on through the now called Night Shift, though Lance and Chester remained, on to 2010, the current members being: Sirius Lucas, Lance, Chester, Hawke Ransom, Alison King, Sal, Wickham, and the newest addition, telepath Evelyn Thorne, granddaughter of the great psychic Sydney Thorne.          

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