Monday, July 5, 2010

Department of Paranormal Investigation and Research

Department of Paranormal Investigation and Research:
HQ: Area 52, Nevada.  Richmond, Virginia.
Function: Paranormal defense government department.
Founding: Prof. Thomas Brown and Dr. Kelvin Perry 1807, Washington DC
Symbol: A silver eagle holding a sword and the Caduceus of Hermes, with Aegis on his chest.

The DPIR has it's origins back in 1804, when the American government bought the Louisiana Territory and the Montpellier Cache from France.  Prof Thomas Brown of Harvard and Dr Kelvin Perry from South Carolina, were chosen for the task of studying the artifacts and the idle automaton, Napoleon.  The DPIR has a sizable research agency, most of it in Nevada, and a small defense agency; the Janitors, a paranormal soldier corps filled mostly with ex-Marines and Special Forces agents; and SPEAR, Strategic Paranormal Espionage, Assault, and Retrieval, an elite paranormal task force.  SPEAR is led by Point Man Benjamin Stark, who possesses moderate ESP, enhanced speed and problem-solving skills, and high level combat training; First Sergeant Oliver White, the second in command, has inhuman marksmanship; Sergeant Ellie Moore, after years of working in Area 51, has extensive knowledge of the supernatural, and she is a great tactician and knife-thrower; Corporal Alex Wade, an accomplished electrokinetic; and Privates Michael Jones, a swordsman with enhanced reflexes, and the newest team member, Liam Beckett, an ex-Special Forces super-soldier operative.  SPEAR and the Night Shift often come into conflict with each other; getting into arguments, skirmishes, and firefights over artifacts or other supernatural affairs.  The two groups made a brief, uneasy alliance during the Seven Days of Darkness.

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