Monday, July 5, 2010

Stygian Undercouncil

Stygian Undercouncil:
HQ:  Tartarus, Hades.
Function: Malign high council.
Founding: Kronos, 1193 BC, Tartarus.
Symbol: Corinthian bronze helm with a spiky, black half-circle under it, on a dark blue background.

When the Olympians overthrew their titan overlords, they had to devise various ways to dispose of the immortal giants.  Such as chaining Prometheus to a rock and having an eagle rip out his liver every day.  Zeus personally dispatched his father, Kronos, by cutting him to pieces and casting him into the pit of Tartarus.  Kronos lost control of all his legions, who scattered when the gods defeated the titans, so Kronos, forever falling through the darkness of Tartarus, called together powerful creatures in a council to be his new voice to his scattered subjects.  They built a palace by the mouth of Tartarus and began calling to all manner of evil creatures, calling them to their banner.  In 1985, the Undercouncil, at Dracula's prodding, declared open war on mankind, sending their reformed legions to conquer Greece.  But Lance DeMoi and Harley Greene averted the crisis, Harley died in the process though.  

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