Monday, July 5, 2010

League of Trades

The League of Bronze Knives.
HQ: Prague, Czech Republic.  Renwick Hospital, New York.
Function: Assassins for hire.
Founding: Sethos-Nush the Bloody, 1074 BC, Babylon.
Symbol: A bronze scorpion.

Founded by the legendary assassin Sethos-Nush the Bloody in his home city of Babylon.  Sethos brought as many bandits and cutthroats in Babylonia and Assyria as he could under his control, forming a spy network that went from Sparta to Ninevah to Memphis.  All throughout history, all the great assassins have been hired from the League of Bronze Knives.  After Sethos-Nush died, the best assassins fought each other for control.  A sassanid named Chorose won.  In 1142 AD, the League moved from the Middle East to Prague, and after the New World was colonized, the League made another base in New York City.  When Bartimeus the Vicious fell prey to ambitious underlings in 1929, Eshur-Appuru, an Assyrian mummy previously called to join the White Guard, took the position as head of the League.        

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