Monday, July 5, 2010

House of Life

The House of Life.
HQ: Cairo, Egypt.
Function: Magicians' order.
Founder: Imhotep, 2632 BC, Memphis.
Symbol: An anhk toped by a box.

Founded by the great magician and architect Imhotep, the House started in Egypt but has spread all over the world.  When the Assyrians conquered Egypt, the House built a base in Assur and slowly spread up and down the Mediterranean coast.  When Rome conquered Egypt, a base was built in Rome for the House.  When Italy finally fell to the Goths, the House was routed and destroyed in the West.  In the East, Constantinople forced the House underground and destroyed all their bases outside of Egypt.  Today, the House is still under ground, beneath Cairo, where they practice their magic and wait for the return of the gods.  

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