Monday, July 5, 2010

Lance DeMoi and the Templar Curse

Lance stood over the mangled corpse, his trench coat blowing in the wind.  He had traded out his jumpsuit for the coat, a black t-shirt, and jeans.  Sal and Evey examined the rest of the crime scene and NYPD officers were here and there.  Lance examined the dead man's ID.
"Gary Newton, age 43, Museum Keeper.  Murdered October 13.  Apparently killed by a bladed weapon, stabbed in the back and neck.  The murderer then stole a Crusades era sword from it's case."  He said into a recorder.  Sal was going through the museum catalog, trying to find what the sword's story was, and Evelyn, the Night Shift psychometrist, read all the Keeper's items.  Evelyn came out of the trance after reading the items, she turned to Lance.
"Watch this."  she put her hand on the Keeper's flashlight, Lance put his hand on the flashlight as well.  The room faded as Evey used her psychometry on the hand light.
Gary Newton puttered around the Medieval Artifacts Room, making sure everything was in it's place before the museum closed.  He passed by the window, through which the evening sun streamed in.  Gary came to the old Crusades sword, a shape came up behind the window, the shadow smashed the glass, setting off the alarm.  The intruder was a zombie, but in clergical vestments and wielding a dagger.  Gary turned and ran, but the draug was faster and stabbed him in the back and neck.   Poor Gary hit the polished floor, his blood making a crimson pool around him.  The zombie went to the sword, smashed the case, and took the weapon.  It then fled, just as the guards arrived.
Evelyn cut the conection.  Lance stood back and thought for a moment.
"Did I just see long dead Pope Clement V steal from a museum?"    

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