Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr. Antiochus' Wondrous Magical Traveling Carnival

Mr. Antiochus: ringmaster, 2,000 year-old sorcerer.
Draco: man-dragon.
Robin Cage: stage magician.
Tulip: pixie.
Kaizer: vampire.
Quimby: demigod.
Maggie: resistance to pain.
Creature: physical animal qualities.
Rowena: conditional teleportation, enhanced agility, skilled sleight of hand.
Roslyn Addams: inhabited by ancient spirit (resigned, deceased).
Rupert and James: mentally linked twins, psychotaxonomy, duplication (resigned, deceased).
King Lear: daemon (resigned).
Peter Smimov: daredevil (deceased).

Seleucus: demon, janitor, animal wrangler.

Founded by Mr. Antiochus in 1146, the Carnival has traveled around the world giving magical performances and picking up special ability enabled individuals. 

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