Monday, July 5, 2010

Edward Cooper

England, 1963.
Charlie leaned against the hummer, breathing hard, a fresh cut on his arm sent gushes of hot, sticky blood rolling down  to the ground.  He threw an empty bullet cartridge aside and slapped in a new one.  Charlie peeked around the hummer; scanning the graveyard for any more zombies, he could hear them not far off.  Suddenly, Edward came bursting out of some bushes, gun blazing, whooping in excitement.
"Zombies don't like when you shoot at them!"  Cooper called to Charlie, who groaned.
Charlie tied his wound with some gauze from the hummer as Edward ecstaticly mowed down the horde of zombies.  Probably waking up all of Ipswich.  Edward finally came behind the hummer, reloading his gun.
"Aw, they scratch you?" he said to Charlie.
"Only a little."
Edward gulped down some water from his canteen and wiped the sweat from his eyes.
"Ipswich shouldn't be bothered anymore by night-time bogeymen anymore."  He said, surveying the dismembered corpses strewn about the graveyard.
"Now, let's find the witch or sorcerer who's responsible for this."  Charlie said, straightening and cocking his gun.
"No witch was responsible for this." said a chill, cruel voice.
Edward and Charlie whipped around guns ready to the sound of the voice.  A vampire stood atop a mausoleum, black robe flowing in the wind, sword in hand.  Edward inspected the vampire's face, he recognized the network of scars and the short, stocky build.
"Klaus, right?"  Edward said shakily, he had heard the stories about Klaus.
"I am he, and you must be DPIR goons by the look of your uniforms."  Klaus leaped off the mausoleum and strode across the corpse-covered grass to stand only a few feet away from Charlie and Edward.  Klaus stared at both of them, licking his pale lips making his white fangs visible.  A cloud moved away from the full moon, casting eerie shadows with it's silvery light.   A wolf howled not far of.  Klaus listened carefully then whistled a sharp high whistle; the howling ceased and Edward could here something coming through the wood.  What that something was was a werewolf; huge and grey, with red eyes and two rows of fangs.  Then shaggy wolf turned into shaggy man who loped over to Klaus.
"Yes, master?"
"Them."  Klaus pointed with his sword.
The werewolf turned and growled at Edward and Charlie, his gnarled hands ready to crush the life out of either of them.
"Now, Firenzie, I'm hungry, how about you?"  Klaus strode, a starved expression on his chalk-white face, over to Edward, who had slipped a stake off his belt.
And Klaus lunged at Edward, mouth agape, fangs gleaming.
Edward thrust with his stake, but Klaus was ready for that and parried the blow.  Charlie unslung a crossbow aiming for Klaus's back; but Firenzie leaped in front of the DPIR agent, taking the crossbow in his massive hands and broke it like a child's toy.  Charlie gulped.
Klaus grabbed Edward's fighting arm in a death grip attempting to break it.  Edward tried to resist the steel grip, yelling in the effort, and slowly was able to shake the vampire off.
"Your strong,"  Klaus glanced at Edward's name tag, "Cooper.  But not that strong."  Klaus pulled back his fist.  Edward threw himself to the ground not a second to soon; a crater was left in the side of the hummer where, moments before, his chest had been.  Charlie went flying over the hummer, hit by Firenzie like a volleyball, crash landing on top of the mausoleum, Edward and Klaus both stared for a moment then resumed their fight.  Firenzie came lumbering over, hands ready to strangle the prone agent, he picked up Charlie as easily if he were a child and wrapped a grizzled hand around his comparably smaller throat.  Charlie limply raised his arm, a loaded revolver in his hand.  He fired thrice.  Firenzie stood on wobbling legs, then keeled backwards crashing down on a grave stone, reducing it to rubble.
The sound of tires on gravel reached Klaus's and Edward's ears, two hummers spotlights on, came around the corner, DPIR agents jumping out rushing over to Edward.
"Firenzie!"  Klaus was already at the edge of the trees.
The werewolf stumbled to his feet and limped after his fleeing master, off into the night.
Edward hurried over, kneeling next to Charlie.
"You alright?"
Charlie smiled propping himself up on his elbows, "It's only a scratch."
Edward looked back at the forest; there was no sign of Klaus and his grunt.
A cloud drifted in front of the waxed moon, blocking it's baleful rays.       

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