Friday, September 28, 2012

Vampires sue Twilight author

Due to the recent series of novels and their success among modern youth, the sanguine Crown of Noctheim demands Twilight author Stephenie Meyer reimburse them for misportraying an existing and ancient species with a long and noble history.  They stated that they took great offense at the main plot point of the book series and film adaptations: the vampire-human relationship; a relationship of such has only ever happened once in the history of the Inquieta in the 16th century and has never happened since.  The circumstances of this historical relationship were very different from those in Mrs. Meyer's portrayal, and it definitely was not romantic, again like in the mistaken portrayal in the book series and films.  Humans and vampires, while the latter's population is drawn from the former, are different species and not compatible with each other reproductively and due to certain necessities.  

Secondly, the vampires in the franchise are depicted as pale-skinned, physically attractive individuals who live among humans and who's skin glitter in the sun.  This is false on several levels.  True Inquieta have skin as white as chalk and their eyes are red with vertically-slitted pupils.  And Inquieta do not live among humans in human dwellings; true Inquieta prefer dark woods, ruins, caves, or their own artificial structures because of their natural darkness.  Also these false vampires are shown wearing human clothes and doing human things such as attending human schools and playing human sports.  This is again very wrong, and ignores the ancient traditions of true vampires; traditions that predate human "civilization".  Mrs. Meyer's false vampires seem to think themselves better than to not wear the traditional garments of their people, nowhere do they wear the red and black cloaks, vests, robes, or other signature pieces of Inquieta dress, but instead prance around in modern human clothing.  No case of this has ever been found in real life.  Just as nowhere has it ever been witnessed or recorded that Inquieta younglings attended human schooling institutions.  Bloodline Dormitator, the ancient house in charge of youngling education, has taken great offense at this, as it appears to be an insult to the standards of vampire education.  Lastly, no Inquieta has ever, ever played a human sport.  This again is ignoring ancient vampiric traditional sports, such as the bi-decennial Great Hunt or the favorite of the current vampire youth, Hide and Eat.    

Thirdly, the so-called vampires in Mrs. Meyer's novels fail to show many of the pouvoirs of true vampires.  Most blatantly is the aforementioned epidermal glittering when a vampire is in sunlight.  This  is plainly ridiculous and the opposite of the truth.  True Inquieta detest the sun and daytime like humanity once feared the dark– which they should still rightly fear– and do in fact begin to combust if in sunlight for too long.  This has a historical genesis in the curse St. Anatoly of Rus' in the 10th century placed upon the Inquieta.  A purely nocturnal lifestyle has dominated vampire life ever since.  Mrs. Meyer's vampires also appear in the human inventons of the mirror and photography.  This is false, true vampires have no reflections in mirrors and actually are able to break cameras by their very presence.  Also, Inquieta have, and take great pride in, fangs, unlike the vampires in the scrutinized series of works which has removed this symbol of power and fear key to vampire life.  The vampires of the stated works fail to display some of the key pouvoirs of the Inquieta Bloodlines, such as Bloodline Dracul's warrior pouvoirs; Bloodline Cosmarul's dream-affecting powers; Bloodline Noaptean's nightwalking abilities; Bloodlines Spatiator and Dormitator, the two oldest Bloodlines, were completely ignored in Mrs. Meyer's work; Bloodline Salbatig's shape-changing and animal magnetism powers were also completely rejected by the franchise; and many other offenses to the ancient Bloodline pouvoirs were made in the book and film series.  Mrs. Meyer had so-called "gifted" vampires who had such powers as pyrokinesis and mental abilities are an insult and a fallacy.  Control over fire has never been an ability possessed by the Inquieta; mental abilities and psychokinesis– which was left out of the franchise– are pouvoirs, along with flight– also excluded– only possessed by Elder Inquieta, also known as Vampire Lords.  Elder Inquieta are at least 800 years old and are the noble patrons of the Bloodlines and the esteemed Sanguarchs of the Sanguarch Council.  That these powers could be possessed by lesser vampires is unknown and insulting to the Inquieta.

Fourthly; werewolves.  Werewolves make a sizable appearance in Mrs. Meyer's series as resistant and fighting against vampires, as being opposite in a way to the vampires in the series.  This is incredibly insulting to the Inquieta and has caused much outrage among them.  Those afflicted with lycanthropy– humans call them werewolves– were conquered by Vlad Dracul, descendent of Dracula himself, in 1460 Post Destructionem Inferni as allies against the Ottomans.  There has only ever been one instance of a lycanthrope uprising, and it was quickly crushed and dealt with by the ruling Cosmarul Bloodline.  If real werewolves acted as they do in the aforementioned series, they would be brought to Inquieta justice or duly crushed by an Inquieta army.  Lycanthropes remain to this day loyal servants and foot soldiers in Noctheim's standing army.  The strengths portrayed by Mrs. Meyer's werewolves are by far over exaggerated, but the Inquieta take no offense to these errors, especially since it is a work of human literature.  

Fifthly, and most offensive to the Nocteus and Sanguarch Council, Mrs. Meyer seems to think Inquieta royalty hail from Tuscany, Italy.  This is the gravest insult to the Inquieta that she could have made.  Vampiric royalty is descended from Vlad Dracul, the 15th century prince of Walachia, who is himself the son of Dracula, first Nocteus and founder of Noctheim.  To say that instead vampires are ruled by reanimated Italians is a horrible, malicious attack against Inquieta royalty.  Most offensive of all the offenses Mrs. Meyer, knowingly or unknowingly, made against the Inquieta was failing to mention, give respect to, or show in any accuracy Dracula himself.  In no where in her works does Dracula, founder of all the Bloodlines, appear or receive the praise he is due.  Instead Dracula and his descendants are replaced by the previously mentioned Italian line.  The Inquieta would like to remind Mrs. Meyer that Dracula's progeny once ruled a kingdom close to the size of England in Eastern Europe during the High and Late Middle Ages from the night-bound city of Noctheim.  Italy is not part of Eastern Europe, nor has it ever been.  Furthermore, Inquieta do not like Italy because of the profusion of a certain pungent bulbous plant.  

In conclusion, the Nocteus and Sanguarch Council demands 170-195 lb. of homage to each Bloodline and the sanguine Crown in reconciliation for the insults and fallacies enumerated above.  Furthermore, the Nocteus requests with politeness that Mrs. Meyer visit Noctheim to discuss with the Nocteus himself her obvious ignorance in Inquieta history and knowledge in polite conversation.  The Nocteus is offering to pay for her plane tickets to Bucharest where, if she agrees to go, she will be contacted by one of the Nocteus' liaisons who will arrange for her safe transportation to Noctheim.  The Inquieta would like to extend their welcome to Mrs. Meyer and their apologies if their letter has caused her any grievances.  The Nocteus and Sanguarch Council eagerly await a reply. 

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