Monday, July 5, 2010

Spark Roberts

Nestor "Spark" Roberts.
Sex: Male.
Age: 30.
Date of Birth: July 16, 1979.  San Antonio, TX.
Parents: Kevin and Grace Roberts.  
Nestor Roberts or Spark Roberts, is a vigilante paranormal hunter.  He has been a tireless crusader against the Templars and Freemasons.  Spark Roberts wears a black shirt, over which he has a bullet proof vest, and a cloak.  He has a golden necklace, with a circular gold pendant on it, with his symbol, a fist surrounded by rays of light, etched into it.  Spark can burn his symbol into his foes, and on any surface he desires, he knows where important events are happening, he often gets premonitions about them, he can leap great distances, and endure long falls, and has keen eyesight and aim.  Roberts is a loner, he lives and fights alone, except he once helped Lance DeMoi stop the Templars from summoning The Horned One, and they both stopped the Masonic-engineered armageddon, Spark and the Night Shift SACorps also united to stop the making of the man-made stargate.  Spark Roberts was killed by a government assassin when he was thirty-seven.  Though his ghost, he asked the archangel Michael if his form could still appear on Earth.  He appears as a ghost when he is needed.   

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