Monday, July 5, 2010

Lance DeMoi and the Oracle of Delphi

Lance DeMoi looked at the fortress, it was like an Ancient Greek version of your average Draculan castle. He revved his chainsword, a sword-like weapon with a chainsaw for a blade, and walked closer to the gates.  As he passed between to torches, a fiery being sprang to life from each torch.  They advanced on him, reaching out with blazing tendrils.
"Elementals.  I've dealt with your kind.  Only one way to kill you."  Lance dived at one of the fire elementals, they lashed out with a fire whip, he sliced at it's head.  His sword passed harmlessly through it's head, it was distracted by this long enough for Lance to cut it's torch in half with a purposeful slash via his chainsword.  The fire being screamed as it faded into a cloud of sparks.  It's twin sent a wall of fire at the human, he rolled out of the way, making a leap for the remaining torch.  The beast shot a column of flame in front of Lance, who pushed off the pavement stones, propelling himself away from the fire.  He ran up the wall to the giant torch, flipped off the wall, and grabbed hold of the torch as he came down.  He jammed his chain saw up into the brazier, extinguishing the flame, the fire monster hissed out of existence.  He pushed one of the giant cedar doors open, taking a look inside the ruined, old fortress.  Lance walked deeper into the castle, passing old, broken traps, and heaps of bones, he came to an iron door, guarded by skeleton warriors wielding rusty spears, Lance dodged spear thrusts as he ground the skeletons to dust.  He proceeded to the iron doors, he kicked them open, on the other side a flock of imps and gargoyles hung in the air of the courtyard, waiting for him.  He was only just able to defend himself as the monsters shot straight down at him.  One gargoyle scrapped his claws along Lance's left arm, tearing off the sleeve of his jump suit and leaving three deep cuts.  Lance grunted in pain as he cut through the beast's waist, imps flew around him, hacking up lava phlegm and spitting it at there foe, Lance deflected them with his chainsword, though one hit his right boot, almost melting through the front of it.  He battled through the swarms of flying demons, smashing the gargoyles to bits and cutting the imps to pieces.  Soon he stood there, covered in cuts and bruises and burns, the courtyard covered in smashed rocks and gore..
"They don't call me Adamant Prominent for nothing."  He thought to himself as he crossed the enclosure to the door on the other side.  He listened at the door; he heard heavy breathing and heavy footfalls.  Lance cut the door open, and took a quick look around.  It was a small circular room, built like vault, with a chair in the middle, sitting in the chair was the Oracle of Delphi.  Blocking his way was a giant, with gray skin, bald head, a single eye and a horn on top of his head, and a club made of solid iron.  Lance dived to the side as the giant swung, knocking down a large portion of the wall, Lance ran behind the giant, swiping with his sword and taking a chunk out of the monster's calf.  It yelled in pain, shaking every stone of the chamber, making Lance loose his balance, falling next to the Oracle.  He got up quickly, pushing the Oracle out of the way as the giant brought down his club hard where Lance had just been, blowing a hole in the floor.  Lance took a chunk of stone and through it into the giant's eye with all his might, the beast howled in pain, and clutched at his face, Lance took his chance and drove his chainsword into the creature's shin, it howled louder, dislodging stones in the ceiling.  It swatted at Lance, who tried to parry it's arm, but missed and instead hit it's crotch.  The thing froze, went rigid, then fell back, knocking down more of the wall.  Lance heaved a sigh, then turned toward the Oracle, she looked like she was his age, but she must have been more then three thousand years old.  Lance untied her, then carried her off, out of the old fortress, and called in a DPIR helicopter.   Hours later, as he stretched out in the helicopter, Lance  thought,
"Finally, the DPIR has the Oracle of Delphi."    

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